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Monday, February 3, 2014

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Nepali Music refers to the assorted agreeable genres of Nepal. With added than fifty ethnicity, the Nepali music is a awful broadcast phenomenon. There are altered affectionate of music in Nepal. Among them one cultural blazon of song is alleged LOK DOHORI. Dohori is Nepali Folk song. Dohori agency from two ancillary or a debate. This agitation is in rhythm, and involves quick and amusing poetry. Simply it is a agreeable chat with Love and Marriage topics. We actuality present those Nepali Lok Geet (Folk Songs) 24hrs reside through shoutcast hosting alleged 'Nepali Lok Radio'.Nepali Music is not bound to any individual agreeable genres or any one arrangement of agreeable trend. As there are so abounding ethnical groups and communities in Nepal, anniversary of them accept their own altered anatomy of agreeable taste, every ethnical groups accept their own agreeable flavor. So, we Nepali are appreciative ti accept assorted arts, cultures and riyual and norms. Among the assorted anatomy of music, Lok Dohori is the a lot of accepted and listened arrangement of song all over the Nepal in which two accumulation of girls and boy anniversary sings a abusive song in altered rhymes and rhythms. As, Dohori itself agency two way conversation, in lok dodhori, two accumulation accomplish chat through the abusive lyrics or a affectionate of debate. They expresses their love, hatred, happiness, affliction sorrows, etc through lok dohori songs. This affectionate of banter or agitation which is in rythematic involves quick and amusing poetry. And the Lok Radio actuality presents those a lot of accepted and listened to Nepali Lok Geet (Folk Songs) 24 hrs reside through bark casting for Nepalese active away for their own proposes.

Know about Nepal: Geographically, Nepal lies between, 80˚12' East longitude and 30˚27' North latitude in the globe which is located in the South Asia. It occupies 0.03% of the total land of the world and 0.3% of the total land area of Asia. t is roughly rectangular landlocked country extends to 1,47,181 sq km in area. It is also roughly 885 km long from east to west and 145-241 km wide from north to south. Its is landlocked country enclosed within the world's biggest population of China and India which proves that Nepal lies in logistically sensitive zone of global politics. Nepal is divided into Himalayan, Hilly and Terai regions where Himalayan region. Hilly region cover largest area of the total land of Nepal that is 68 % followed by Terai (17%) and the remaining 15% of the total land of Nepal is covered by Himalayan region. Hilly region is mostly structured into rugged landscape with rich natural resources, flora and fauna. It can be divided into Chure Range, Low Hilly Region, Mid-land, Mahabharat, Mid-hilly Region and Lek or High-Hills. Terai is plain and arable land irrigated by the rivers and rivulets drained from himal and hilly region. This region is also called the Grain House of Nepal and is divided in main terai and inner terai. Climatically, Nepal is said to have tropical monsoon climate, but owing to its topographic diversity and vast elevation ranges it is characterized by almost all kinds of climate conditions from freezing tundra region to tropical regions. Nepal holds a tremendous extent of tourism development with its richness of natural beauty, magnificent Himalayas, snaking rivers, vegetables, animal and a very diverse cultures. Nepal is the birth place of Lord Buddha, light of Asia. Nepal is naturally as well as lively cultural museum. Development in tourism can make a giant leap in economic development attracting foreign currency in the country and Nepal has become one of the most visited destinations of the world especially from the touristic point of view.